Zyno Z-800

Zyno Z-800

The Z-800 Infusion pump platform is Zyno Medical’s flagship product.

Technically referred to as a LVP (Large Volume Parenteral) pole-mounted infusion pump, it is “purpose-driven” designed to be a full-featured, full-performance range, state-of-the-art IV infusion pump.

Today thousand of these devices are being used on a daily basis in many different alternate site settings across the US including:

  • Oncology Centers
  • General Infusion Centers
  • Specialty Pharmacy Provider locations
  • Home Care

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Product Description

Zyno Z-800

Intelligent, multi-therapy programming modes that include:


  • Continuous rate / time / volume infusion
  • Piggy-back infusion
  • Intermittent infusions
  • 10-Step Programming
  • TPN ramping
  • Custom Protocol
  • Blood infusion

Other “purpose-driven design” and performance elements of the Z-800 infusion pump which also uniquely stand out with customers include:

  • Easy loading of straight-line infusion sets
  • Intuitive programming
  • Backlit display
  • Ease of portability with built-in handle
  • Pump based free-flow protection
  • Wide flow rate range 1-1200ml / hr
  • Comprehensive alarm modes including auto-KVO
  • Variable occlusion and air-in-line detection levels
  • Control panel lock-out feature
  • Long battery life
  • Quiet operation
  • Zyno-View, Zyno-Light, Zyno-Sense and Zyno-Cord